Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Strengthening Our Cultural Bonds
As Congolese residing in Botswana, our multifaceted culture is the cement that keeps us united in our host country, and we can only work on strengthening this bond.
Defending our Common Interests
We stand for each other. Come what may, we have each others backs.
We are the Congolese Community in Botswana
A well-integrated, socio-culturally united, and economically strong community built upon two main values, unity and solidarity.
Join us

Financial Assistance in BWP in Case of:

  • Bereavement
  • Critical illness
  • Financial crisis

Legal Assistance to Help You Claim Justice in:

  • Work related legal issues
  • Immigration issues
  • Civil matters

Opportunity to Be Part of the Community Investment Projects and Make :

  • Passive, lasting, recurring income
We are the Congolese Community in Botswana, and you’re welcome to join!