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After more than 20 years of living away from our home country and our cultural resources, we, Congolese from different walks of life residing in Botswana, have realized that we are facing the same socio-economic challenges—challenges that are putting our respective individual future at stake.

Though we have arguably found better-paying jobs and better working conditions, be it as expatriate experts working for the Government, skilled workers in the private sector, craftsmen, artists, or jakes of all trades living on piece jobs, the cost of living and the cost of education for our children, along with all the expenses for the care of our parents and relatives back home, are such that we find ourselves struggling both financially and psychologically when being hit by life’s adverse events.

Bound by our multifaceted culture and moved by our legendary solidarity, we have come together to form a common front to help ourselves face the unforeseeable life’s challenges that may at anytime come our way.

The Congolese Community in Botswana (CCB) is that common front, a dreamed-of opportunity to stand together to turn the odds to our favor.


Provided that they are 18 years of age and above and have subscribed to the objectives of the CCB, membership is open to the following categories people:

  • A Congolese citizen residing legally in Botswana
  • A non-Congolese spouse or child of a Congolese citizen member of the Society
  • A Congolese citizen having legally resided in Botswana and having kept active his membership
  • A former Congolese citizen who resides in Botswana or has resided in Botswana, but has kept active his membership.
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